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Jun 22, 2017

Track geek alert! Steve and Chris couldn't help but sound off for 2 full hours on the upcoming USATF Outdoor Track Championships that are coming at you THIS weekend: June 22-25. In this episode, they give you an overview of schedule/logistics and break down all of the distance events. Plus at the end, they share a few stories to watch from the sprint and field events as well. The event breakdowns come in order of appearance at the meet, so you can take this one in smaller chunks as the events come. The 10K final is Thursday night, so we definitely recommend working through the first bit by Thursday evening.

Going head to head with predictions in all five distance events, Steve and Chris are competing for the title of Head Track Geek for the Running Rogue podcast. Public bragging and shaming rights are at stake. Who will win?!?

This episode is for track geeks and newbie fans alike. We try to demystify the meet and give you the key athletes and stories to watch for!

Some important links that we mentioned in this episode:

- Meet schedule: (all times are PST)

- TV schedule:

- event hub (for results and recaps):

- NY Times article on Gabe Grunewald:

- Bonus video of Sydney McLaughlin with an epic comeback in her final high school 4 x400 race: (must watch!)