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Jan 18, 2021

In this conversation, I talk with Cami Hawkins, CEO of Marathon Kids, about getting kids to fall in love with running. Marathon Kids is a national organization that has the mission to show kids through running that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible and be on the path to healthier lives. Marathon Kids has served over 2.5 million kindergarten through 5th graders in its 25 years and hopes to continue to do so for the next 25 years. With this conversation, I have 3 goals:

1. Bring awareness to the great work of Marathon Kids to get kids active, an organization that I have been work with directly for the last 17 years. I now serve as Board Chair and am a parent to 3 Marathon Kids.  

2. Provide tips on how to get your kids to fall in love with running while also building their fitness in a healthy and sustainable way.

3. Ask for your support of the organization. During the week of January 25th, I am going to cover 104.8 walking and running miles in order to raise awareness and fundraise for the cause. I would love for you to support my goal to raise $20,000 to help fund the next generation of Marathon Kids. 

Give the gift of running and donate to the cause here:

All proceeds are tax deductible and go directly to Marathon Kids to be used to support their mission.