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Aug 10, 2020

In this episode, I start with an intro that includes a listener request as I approach episode #200, plus I talk about the just-announced London elite-only marathon on October 4th and Sara Hall's half marathon PR from a 5-person race this past weekend. 

Then, I turn to a two-part conversation with Jason Brooks (one of the Rogue coaches) where we talk about his doubts and fears going into a big goal attempt for him - running Nolan's 14. [Nolan's 14 is a Colorado-based challenge where you attempt to run fourteen, 14,000 foot peaks in under 60 hours.] Then, I talk to him after the attempt where we find out what happened and how he is processing the takeaways. You will have to listen to hear whether he achieved his goal or not. Either way, this is a powerful and very practical conversation about dealing with your doubts and fears going into a big race, and then how to process the result afterwards. Thank you to Jason for being so open and willing to share.