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Jan 13, 2019

In this episode, we start with a quick intro to preview Kara Goucher's first marathon in 3 years in Houston and discuss the just-released Olympic Trials course in Atlanta.

Then, we turn to an interview with Zach Bitter, US 100-mile Record Holder. He's an ultra-runner by specialty but we cover all topics with him from...

Jan 6, 2019

Guest hosting with me this week is episode #8 and #37 guest James Dodds. In this one, we riff on 8 tips for staying healthy as a runner in 2019 with a bonus #9 at the end when James introduces the too too rule.

As our intro this week, we dig into James's fandom, and he names two of his favorites from the running...

Dec 30, 2018

In this episode, we start with Chris's top 3 running performances for the year for both the US and the world, getting input from our guest Brogan Austin. Who will get the top spot?!?

Our guest, Brogan Austin won the US Marathon Championships in Sacramento at CIM for the breakthrough performance he's been waiting for...

Dec 23, 2018

In this episode, we continue our series on trail running with special guests Jason Brooks and Paul Terranova, both trail running badasses themselves.

To ground our discussion, we discuss the top "failure points" in ultra-marathons and then help give you strategies to address them from blister management to GI distress....

Dec 22, 2018

We are excited to introduce details on Season 3 of our podcast training group which starts on December 31st. You have until January 18th to join us with 3 training tracks:

- Speed development (5K/10K)

- Spring half marathon

- Spring marathon (including Boston)

We encourage you to target races in April and May. Get...