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Sep 25, 2017

In this episode, we talk about the little extras that add up to be big things on your journey to being a healthier and stronger runner. From strength to stretching to foam rolling and massage, we talk about the supplemental activities you should be doing to become your fastest self.

Here are links to the content we discussed:

a. Form Drills:

b. Stretching video:

c. Foot drills:

d. Strength/mobility exercises:
- Hip swings (15 x forward/back, 15 x side to side), repeat each leg
- Ankle rolls/balance (lift one leg, roll opposite ankle 30 secs each direction), repeat each leg
- Single leg dead lifts, no weight (10 per leg)
- Jane fondas (aka clam shells), 15 per side
- Donkey kicks, 15 per side (on all fours, kicking one leg straight back and up)
- Fire hydrants, 15 per side
- Planks, 45 secs each direction (front, left, right, back)
- Supermans, 6 x 10 secs per superman
- Walking lunges, 10-15 steps per leg

(Note: google any of the above if you need info on how to do each exercise)