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Sep 17, 2017

This episode has two chapters. In the first half, we give you race previews and predictions for the Berlin Marathon (on Sept 24th) and the Chicago Marathon (on October 8th). Berlin boasts perhaps the 3 greatest male marathoners of all-time in a head to head battle, all aiming for the world record. Kichoge vs. Bekele vs. Kipsang. Then in Chicago, Americans Jordan Hasay and Galen Rupp both have a chance to vie for the victories. Can they pull it off and restore American glory in Chicago?

In the second half of the episode, we share a series of "famous last words" from marathoners who have not had their best day as a way to remind you to avoid certain common mistakes at the marathon distance. These tips are for those racing a marathon this fall or for anyone who might aspire to the distance!