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Nov 3, 2021

I often get questions about my coaching philosophy. Well, I first wrote it down and codified it in 2016, and now I am sharing it here in summary so that you can have it too. This episode represents the 12 key principles from training and racing that will help you achieve your long term potential. Are you ready to buy-in to the Running Rogue way?

In summary, the core principles are...


1. Do the work. Be consistent. No excuses.

2. Miles matter.

3. Go slow to go fast.

4. Respect the purpose of each day and each training phase.

5. Recovery is as important as the running itself.

6. Find strength and accountability in team (how ever you define it)


1. Trust in your training on race day.

2. Execute the plan no matter what.

3. Race without fear of failure.

4. Start slow, finish strong.

5. Leave it all on the course.

6. Do it for you and for your team.