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Mar 23, 2021

Tenille Hoogland (@hooglandt) has a fascinating story in sport from growing up in Canada as a province-best synchronized swimmer to a later career as a pro triathlete. She wanted badly to make an Olympic team, but that dream never became a reality. During that time, she also spent time within the Rogue community in Austin as an athlete and coach. Now, she is still a coach, is co-founder of the Resilient Athlete Project, and is an advocate for women in sport. She also has fresh perspective and a whole bunch of life lessons from her nonstop pursuit of the next goal that drove her early in life. 

In this conversation, we talk primarily about embracing failure and how to channel it into something positive, but there are many more lessons buried within. In particular, we dig into how to balance overall health and performance, which can be a tightrope to walk for many. Listen in, and I think you will walk away with a new perspective on your own journey as well.