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Mar 9, 2021

In this episode, I start with an intro discussing my perspective on the virtual race announced recently by the Boston Marathon, where all athletes are allowed to participate. Then, I turn to a discussion on tips and recommendations for building toward a breakthrough race. What will it take for you to get that PR, that milestone time, or that Boston qualifier? I have 7 ideas for you to ponder and incorporate into your own training, but spoiler alert, there are no hacks or shortcuts. Just hard work!

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Here is the list of drills that I use with my athletes here in Austin:

- Heel-toe walks
- Heel-toe skips
- Walking high knees
- Full speed high knees
- Regular skipping (A-skips)
- Skipping with Pawbacks (B-skips)
- Butt Flicks
- Backward Butt Flicks
- Rapid turnover
- Bounding
- Side to side (up and back)
- Over/under (up and back)
- 2 short strides