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Sep 15, 2019

In the intro, we start with discussions of Woody Kincaid's top-5 US all-time 5K this past Tuesday on the Michael Johnson Track as well a new half marathon world record from Geoffrey Kamworor. Both very impressive.

Then at 10:20 in, I bring in Brent Stein (from episode 126) to talk about the "what if's" of training. What if you have a bad workout? What if you miss a workout or run? What if you go on vacation? What if you get sick? What if you are managing an injury?

For each, we talk about how to think about it within the moment and then how to bounce back from it so that you stay on track in training. There is no such thing as a perfect training cycle so in this episode we give you the tools to turn imperfect training into a big result on race day.