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Apr 30, 2019

This special edition episode is focused primarily on the Austin Runners in the group. The Austin Runners Club is a strong central force in the Austin Running community as is responsible for key fixtures in the community like the Decker Challenge, the Daisy 5K (coming up on May 18th), the Distance Challenge, and many more initiatives/events.

If you live in Austin and you aren't already a member, then I highly recommend you join for only $30/year. It's well worth it for the membership discounts alone, plus ARC contributes significant funds to local non-profits such as The Trail Foundation and Marathon Kids.

This is also an important topic b/c ARC elections run from May 1st to May 10th. If you join anytime between now and then, then you can vote. I give two endorsements for these very important elections in this episode. Become a member and vote at