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Mar 27, 2019

I am excited to bring you this mid-week mini series over the next 4 weeks with prior show guests Dr. Noah Moos (episode 78) and Rogue Trail guru Jason Brooks (episodes 94 and 105). These episodes will post on Wednesdays in addition to my normal weekly episodes that come on Sundays.

In this series, we discuss the beyond-training elements that might impact human performance such as stress, diet, sleep, systemic inflammation, and more. Dr. Moos is a chiropractor by training but practices many eastern medicine concepts in his Austin-based clinic HealthPlus ATX ( Jason Brooks is our resident trail guru and leader for our Rogue Virtual ( one-to-one training programs. He is also an admitted nerd on these topics.

Naturally, the idea for this series was born on a trail run between Jason and Dr. Moos, and we decided to bring their trail musings to you. Eventually, the idea is to form a spin-off podcast on this topic with the two of them.

Here are the topics we will cover in the series:

Episode 1: Stress and How It Affects Performance

Episode 2: The Model of Degeneration and How Things go Wrong in Your Body

Episode 3: Diet/Nutrition and Their Impact on How You Feel

Episode 4: Adaptive Healthcare and Coaching. How You Learn and Adapt Your Life and Training Based on Episodes 1-3.