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Feb 25, 2018

With this episode, we bring on elite Masters Runner and Rogue Running coach Carmen Troncoso to discuss training as you age. We answer questions like: 

1. When does father time start stealing speed from us? In other words, how old can we still expect to PR vs. set new expectations?

2. What's happening physiologically with athletes as they age that requires training consideration/modifications?

3. What are the top factors to consider in training for an aging athlete?

4. How should the following things change/evolve in training as we age:
a. Overall volume?
b. Speed workouts?
c. Rest/recovery?
d. Sleep?
e. Strength training?
f. Flexibility/mobility work?

5. Does it matter by decade of life? 40s vs. 50s vs. 60s?

6. What about racing? Should older athletes change the quantity or distance of their focus in racing?

By way of intro, we discuss the results from the Austin Marathon/Half Marathon and USA Indoors!