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Feb 19, 2018

As an athlete, you are the only person that has all of the information about your training - how much sleep you got, how you felt on that last repeat, when a little injury or pain pops up. You know more than your coach. As such, you have to take control of your training whether coached or self coached. In this episode, we talk about what that means:

0. Take ownership

1. Know your purpose

2. Define your goals (short term and long term)

3. Make a Plan
- Comprehensive: Strong in Fundamentals - Volume, Intensity (speed/economy, VO2, threshold, race specific)
- Balanced in approach
- Long-term vision: 12/18/24 month windows for command performances
- Short-term execution 

4. Learn the craft
- Exercise Science (for Dummies) - SMART
- Strength Training (for Weaklings) - STRONG
- Dynamic Flexibility (for Stiffies) - FLEXIBILE
- Recovery Tools (for Dodgers) - SUPPLE
- Mental Training Techniques (for the Faint of Heart) - BRAVE

5. Own and manage the day to day process
- Find a Health Partner - PT, Chiro, Doctor, etc
- Get a Gym Membership
- Read Widely About the Craft
- Communicate
- Find a support network

6. Bring all your weapons to battle

Also, here is the article mentioned in the intro on Zane and Jake Robertson:

And, some of the books we mention:

- The Lore of Running (by Tim Noakes)
- The Running Formula (by Jack Daniels)
- Advanced Marathoning (by Pete Pfitzinger)
- Anatomy for Runners (by Jay Dicharry)
- How Bad do You Want it (by Matt Fitzgerald)