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Sep 30, 2023

This episode starts with a discussion of the recently-announced Boston Marathon "buffer" and how gutting it is for those who missed the cut. As a coach, I feel that pain too having many athletes who just missed being able to toe the line next year in Boston. As a part of that discussion, I give a few tips for those who missed out and also give my suggestion for how to update the process to make it more palatable for all.

Then, I turn to the main discussion for this episode: preparing for race day. How can you control the controllables and leave as little as possible to chance for your upcoming fall race? I talk about pre-race logistics, pace strategy, nutrition/hydration planning, and mental prep and break down the sub-components of each. You can't control the weather or whether or not your flight gets delayed, but there is so much you can control. Plan and then execute to the best of your ability in order to give yourself the best shot to achieve your goals.

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