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Jun 26, 2017

In this episode, we interview Adam Dailey, author of How to Run Away from Home: And Bring Your Family with You. Adam is perhaps the most-accomplished, Austin-born male distance runner in our city's history.

With Adam, we talk about his origins in the sport as a top-level high school runner, his experiences at Arkansas with legendary track coach John McDonnell, the rise and fall of his travel business Ludus Tours, and ultimately his sabbatical trip around the world with his family including 4 kids under 7.

Adam brings powerful perspective on risk, reward, and what's important in life with running as the back drop to it all!

In addition, in the opener, we have a lengthy debate with Cate Barrett as our intro-guest discussing Run, Selfie, Repeat blogger Kelly Roberts and her platform in our sport. Bandit and fraud or legitimate voice for women? Listen in and then join the debate.