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Jun 17, 2022

In this episode, I welcome Rogue athlete Nicole (Rauch) Winter to the show. I coached Nicole to her first marathon in January, and now she has dreams to chase a Boston qualifier next year. 

In our conversation, we start from the beginning, discussing her background in sport and how she got into running in the first place. She describes the joy she experienced on her first run and how running is still an important outlet for her balance and mental health.

As her running journey progressed, her mom encouraged her to try races, starting with a 5K and 10K before bumping up in distance to the marathon. Her first marathon training block did not goes as planned, however, and she was forced due to a knee issue to drop down to the half. 

Ultimately, she found her way to Austin and eventually to Rogue where I helped her train for her first marathon in Houston in January of this year. We talk about her training for Houston and then all of the vibes of the race itself including the many things she learned along the way. Then, we discuss what's next and how she plans to chase her new goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Nicole's story is relatable to so many, and you will learn tidbits about training throughout. Enjoy the episode and then go follow her journey at @nicolemwinter_ and @nicolemruns!