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May 13, 2022

Disclaimer: This episode contains the story of one man's journey to face challenges with addiction and mental health (anxiety and depression). The discussion may be triggering for some, so please proceed with caution. In addition, Michael and I are NOT trained professionals so if you are struggling with one of these challenges, then we encourage you to seek professional help.

May is Mental Health Awareness month, and I am honored to share the story of Rogue athlete Michael Wilt in this episode.

Michael has struggled with anxiety, depression, and addiction since his college years. His alcohol addiction pushed him close to death in June of 2014, which was the wake-up call he needed to finally turn his life around and get the help he needed.

During his recovery journey, Michael discovered running as an outlet, and he completed his first marathon in Austin in 2016 in 4:47. From there, he has improved his marathon time by nearly 2 hours, running 2:48 in Houston earlier this year.

In this conversation, we dig deep on his parallel mental health and running journeys to find inspiration that will touch us all. Thank you to Michael for his willingness to open up and share!

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