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May 25, 2021

Many will try to sell you magical ways to improve your form through various "methods" and books of wizardry. To me, it's all snake oil. No one has a patent on the best running form. There is no secret. The goal is simply to be more efficient within your body, based on how it works already, and nothing more. 

In this quick-hit episode, I give you 4 simple ways to improve your form over time. These are things you can do every single week to get faster in the long term. There are no hacks, and you won't see instant progress, but you will be investing in the goal smashing of your future self.

Here's my list of drills:

- Heel-toe walks
- Heel-toe skips
- Walking high knee
- Full speed high knee
- Regular skipping (A Skip)
- Skipping with pawbacks (B Skip)
- Butt flicks
- Backward butt flicks
- Rapid turnover
- Bounding
- Side to side (up and back)
- Over/under or carioca (up and back)