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Jun 29, 2020

In this episode, I begin with a brief reaction to the cancellation of the NYC and Berlin Marathons and include a few additional tips on how to pivot from them to another goal (to build on the discussion from episode 188). 

Then, I turn to a fascinating conversation with Lisa Tamati, an ultra endurance athlete from New Zealand who has raced over 140 ultra marathons in her career covering over 40,000 racing miles! She's run across deserts and across the Himalayas and is the first woman from New Zealand to finish the Badwater Ultra Marathon. Badwater is a 135 mile race through Death Valley to the top of Mt Whitney, and Lisa finished it not once but twice!

Most recently, she has been on perhaps her most difficult journey yet helping her mother recover from a severe brain aneurysm that left her completely without memory and unable to function. Over 4 years, Lisa used all of the lessons she learned from enduring in her ultra career to relentlessly pursue a return to health for her mom. That journey is chronicled in her new book - Relentless, How a mother and daughter defied the odds - and I am happy to report there is a happy ending as her mom has returned to nearly full health.

Lisa teaches us a little bit about endurance and ultra training in this episode and a lot about being relentless in your training and in life. Listen in and then go grab one of her books at the links below or learn more at

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