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Apr 13, 2020

I am excited to bring 3-time guest Mallory Brooks back to the show to discuss her experience training with the Maffetone Method. I originally had her on to discuss her early stages in the program for episode #97, and now I have her back to recap her experience discussing both what she learned and what she might do differently.

The MAF method is a foundational program that is designed to help you improve your aerobic foundation. Many like Mallory use it for base training in order to improve your pace at a given heart rate level before moving onto greater intensity. Given the current situation, this type of training might be something to consider as a way to stay healthy and work on aerobic development while under quarantine.

Plus as a bit of intro with her, we get the behind-the-scenes perspective on dealing with the pandemic as a race director, including how you can support races during this difficult time.

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