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Apr 3, 2017

Men AND women... this episode is for you! Guys need to better appreciate and sympathize with their female training partners, and the ladies might want help managing the unique realities that running as a woman can bring. In this installment of Running Rogue we talk about a range of topics from periods to pregnancy to running safety with special guests and all-around badasses Mallory Brooks and Jen Harney.

Mallory is a mom, the Rogue trail coach, founder of Spectrum Trail Racing, and a personal trainer at Pure Austin. Jen is a mom of 2 boys, the training director for Rogue Cedar Park, coach for TeamRogue in Cedar Park, and has coached all levels of runners from middle school to masters. 

As intro-bonus content, we recap race #1 of the Rogue Trail Series as well as talk about the greatest footrace on the planet - the World Cross Country Championships. This YouTube clip of the race is a must-watch to fully understand the race: