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Oct 20, 2019

Episode 152 was a lightning rod for discussion as I received the most email ever within 24-hours of the episode as you all sounded off on shoes, Kipchoge, and world records. We start this episode with James with further reaction from me on shoes (should they be regulated?) and a special Kipchoge-based true-false question for James.

Then, we switch into part 2 of Running True-False with James where we again span the spectrum of topics from training to the mental side of the sport. Example true-false discussions in this episode include:

- Road racing (and training) make you a better trail runner.

- For a 4-hour marathoner, a 90 minute easy run provides the same benefit whether you run 10 minutes per mile or 11 minutes per mile.

- Coaching is primarily a one-way street.

- The fear of success is a bigger challenge for runners than the fear of failure.

And more...

Also, make sure you listen to part 1 with James in episode #149 if you haven't already.