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Jun 10, 2019

In this episode, I start with an intro that includes:

- A quick recap of NCAA Champs in Austin, TX.

- A recap of the 10K Road Champs for US women... shout-out to Sara Hall for the win!

- Some final respects to Gabe Grunewald whose husband Justin recently announced she was in her final days after a long journey with cancer.

Then, I turn to an interview with Jason Fitzgerald from the Strength Running podcast to talk about strength training for runners. Our discussion includes answers to these questions (and more):

- What are the different types of strength training for runners?

- How runners should start and then build within their strength work, including periodization for races?

- Why power-related lifting is so critical for runners to build speed and late-race staying power?

- How often and when to lift?

- What moves are most important?

- How to incorporate a dynamic warm-up into your training?

Here are links to Jason's work and sample routines as well as the podcast of me on his show: