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May 15, 2019

This episode begins with a short introduction including announcements about a live podcast recording at Rogue on May 17th with Michael Wardian and Charlie Engle. We will do a run at 6 pm and then Q&A with Michael and Charlie at 6:45/7:00 pm. You can find event details here:

Then at 7:15 into the episode, the audio begins from my live (with audience) recording with Chris Lear. We talk about the story behind the book Running with the Buffaloes and about how he dropped everything to pursue this idea. We talk about his methods to capture the story and how he made ends meet with his job at CompUSA while finishing the manuscript. Then, we talk about the story itself and what he learned from Adam Goucher, Mark Wetmore, and the team. Plus, we dig into his second book Sub 4:00 about Alan Webb in his first and only season at the University of Michigan and then find out where Chris is now.