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May 5, 2019

In this episode, I start with reactions to the London Marathon results as Kipchoge confirms he is indeed the GOAT once again. Then, I give my perspective on the recent CAS decision on Caster Semenya which will prevent her from competing unless she reduces her testosterone levels. It is a complex issue with no perfect answers, and I try to tiptoe into the discussion.

Then at 30:25 into the episode, I turn to a 1-hour interview with Martin Dugard, author of To Be a Runner. Martin is a NY Times best-selling author who has sold over 12 million copies of his non-fiction Killing series. Martin is also a runner and cross-country coach at his home in California. With To Be a Runner, he shares a series of essays and stories from his own running journey with lessons for training and life. It's a fun, light, and interesting read, and I highly recommend it. You can purchase the book here: