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Feb 3, 2019

I am excited to bring you two great athlete interviews this week with Cory McGee and Stephanie Garcia. Thank you to New Balance who brought these athletes to the show in conjunction with their Start a Riot music video and campaign featuring Cory McGee, Stephanie Garcia, Lisanne DeWitt, and Bev Ramos. The campaign is all about featuring the power and energy of strong females, and it's great to see 4 badass female runners elevated in this way.

Cory McGee is a world class 1500m runner who has been on two World Championship teams and now trains in Boulder, CO. Stephanie Garcia is a world class steeplechaser who has also made two World Championship teams and now trains in Sacramento, CA.

Get to know and be fans of these athletes plus hear what they have learned from winning, losing, and training at the very highest level. 

Start times for each interview:

5:18 for the Cory McGee interview

54:23 for the Stephanie Garcia interview

Start a Riot Video link:

Instagram handles: